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    1500 字左右的英文美文 【篇一: 1500 字左右的英文美文】 what you make of your life is up to you! often heard people complain about, why not my face, why so bad weather today, why do i live in such a poor family, why god told me ... ... why should we complain about it complained that it? life was not all the best, life was not perfect, on the contrary, the ups and downs, is the routine as the saying goes a white head; laugh less decade. do not complain, everyones life will not be easy, but precisely because of these twists and turns in folding wave, acquired a colorful life. if we can often look at the issue from another angle, you might easily find themselves still very exciting life. you can not change the face, smile why do not you think about indulgence; you can not change the weather, why do not you change the mood. as the saying goes: after the storm. the same is true of life, after training can often make life wonderful. china, a writer came to the united states, he saw a flower of the old lady is always very happy, very strange. he would pick a flower asked: why are you always so happy? replied the old lady to make the writer stand in amazement. jesus was crucified is the worlds darkest day, three days later to easter. all the trouble to wait for three days as long as the right not to vanish into thin air? writer for the old lady answered and moved an old lady could look at this free and easy life, could see so thoroughly to life. king inventors - edison filament do in order to find the best materials have been done a 1000 experiment many times and failed. have a laugh at his neighbor: do you how to do 1000 experiments have failed many times? edison said: i am not found more than 1000 kinds of inappropriate material filament so it? edison failed to look at from another angle, am quite sure that it can be the most suitable materials, is precisely because of this self-confidence, they are able to make unremitting efforts, finally successful. people to love life, love life, to have s



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