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    授课日期 时 间 主 题 U3 重点词汇句型复习 1.复习 unit 3 重点单词和词ub8优游平台注册。 学习目标 2.通过翻译和阅读拓展练习,使学生学会灵活运用。 教学内容 1、 上次课后巩固作业复习; 2、 互动探索 教学建议: 课前让学生用红笔表示出文章ub8优游平台注册不认识的单词,互相检测下 reading 部分单词掌握情况或是进行生 词 P.K。老师可以提问部分单词的用法,引导学生去回忆ub8优游平台注册学习过的课本知识。 Fashion My topic is ‘ Fashion ’ . Fashion is important to almost all of us. By fashion, we usually mean popular trends in styles of dress. When we go out or to a party, we usually like to wear fashionable clothes. To illustrate my talk, I have brought along five objects. My first object is this blouse. It looks beautiful, doesn ’ t it?sItmy most’ expensive piece of clothing, and I love it. It cost me $200. It may seem very extravagant, but I could afford it with my own savings. It wasn t easy for me to earn the’money, but when buying clothes, I think the more you spend the better the quality. So you see, fashion is quite important to me. However, I ’ m not as keen on fashion as my brother Gary. Last summer, he won a free trip to London in a contest. 第 1 页 The organizers wanted to show him some famous sights. But he didn ’ t appreciate old buildings. He just spent time searching for the coolest pair of trainers! For him, fashion was more important than culture. These are the trainers he bought. Was it worth a trip to London to buy these? Well, I don ’ t think so. It was a waste of time and m Fashion is very big business. Changes in fashion can create or ruin jobs. As an example, I have brought this blonde wig to show you. It belongs to one of my mum s friends. In the’ 1960s, these were very fashionable. But a few years later fashions changed, and women wore wigs much less often. Many wig factories closed down, and hundreds of workers lost their jobs, which was terrible! Fashion can affect the natural world, as well. I ’ m holding an old hat borrowed from a drama company. It s ’ made of beaver fur. These hats were very fashionable about 200 years ago. As a result, beavers almost became extinct. Luckily, in the 1850s, these hats went out of style and the beavers wer


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