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    ub8优游平台注册省眉山市 2019 年ub8优游平台注册考英语模拟试题(四) (无听力 ) Name___________ Grade___________ 第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 20 分) (略) 第二部分 基础知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节 单项选择(本题共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分) 从每小题所给的 A 、 B、 C、D 四个选项ub8优游平台注册选出可以填入ub8优游平台注册白处的最佳答案。 ( )21.—Wow, useful and fashionable iphone6s you have bought! —Yes, it is great help to me, I must say it also cost me a lot. A.What, a, but B.What an, the, and C.What a, a , and D.How, a ,but ( )22.—May we leave the classroom now? —No; you_____. You______to leave until the bell rings. A. can ’ t; are allowed B. mustn ’ t; aren ’ t allowed C. needn ’ t; are allowed D. needn ’ t; aren ’ t allowed ( )23.—What do you think of his words? — What he said sounds______. A. nicely B. pleasantly C. friendly D. wonderfully ( )24.—______fun time we had at the party yesterday! —Yeah. It was such an exciting party______I would never forget it. A. What a; that B. What; as C. How; that D. How; as ( )25.— Your son hasn ’ t watchedmoviet Need for Speed, has he? — ______. He told me it was______exciting_____he ’ d like to watch it again. A. Yes, he has; so; that B. Yes, he has; such; that C. No, he hasn ’ t; so; that D. No, he hasn ’ t; such; that ( )26.—All the people of Meishan need to work together to make our city more beautiful. — That ’ s it._______. A . Practice makes perfect B. Many hands make light work. C. When in Rome, do as the Romans do D. A friend in need is a friend indeed. ( )27.—Do you think that I can win the final? — ________. Everyone stands a chance. A.You never know B.You got it C.Yes, I do D.You bet ( )28.—Do you know what time your uncle Hangzhou tomorrow? —At 2:00 p.m. I will meet him when he at the airport. A. gets to;arrives B.will get to ;will arrive C. will get to ; arrives D.gets to;will arrive ( )29.—I was just in time to get there for the meeting. Thank you for lending me the bike. —_______ A . That ’ s right B. Of course not C. You ’ re welcome D. The same to you ( )30.—Sorry, Liz. I think I was a bit rude to you. — ______, but don ’ t do that again! A. Go ahead B.


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