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    试卷代号:3897 商务英语1 试题 答案在最后 2019年7月 注 意 事 项 一、将你的学号、姓名及分校(ub8优游平台注册作站)名称填写在答题纸的规定栏内。考试结束后,把试卷和答题纸放在桌上。试卷和答题纸均不得带出考场。监考人收完考卷和答题纸后才可离开考场。 二、仔细读懂题目的说明,并按题目要求答题。答案一定要写在答题纸的指定位置上,写在试卷上的答案无效。 三、用蓝、黑圆珠笔或钢笔答题,使用铅笔答题无效。 四、考试时间为60分钟。 一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分) 1-5题:根据对话内容选择恰当的选项。 1.- Would you like to have some rice? - A. Yes, please. B.Yes,I like. C.Yes,I have. 2.- Nice to see you. - A. Good morning. B. Pleased to meet you, too. C.Nice to see you, too. 3.- Would you please give me some water? - A. Yes,I do. B.Certainly. C.No, thanks. 4.- Where shall we have the meeting? - A. The first conference room is spacious. B. The first conference room isn't goo d. C. In the first conference room. 5.- Well, after my report, there will be a break for refreshments. - A. A1l right,I see. B. The break won't be long. C. A11 right, I'll see it. 二、词汇与结构(共计30分,每小题2分) 6-20题:阅读下面的句子,从 A. B.C三个选项ub8优游平台注册选出一个能填入ub8优游平台注册白处的最佳选项。 6. Sunday____the first day of the week. A. is B.are C.am 7. The population of the worldstill—now. A. has; grown B.will, grow C.is; growing 8. We try our best to____your requirement. A. make B.meet C.get 9.I bet that Mike wished you____ him that earlier. A. told B.have told C.had told 10. Every business has its ups and downs, and so____every person. A. is B.does C.do 11.I hope our plan will____by the board. A. approve B.be approving C. be approved 12. The meeting suggested—the loan first. A. to reply B.replied C.repaying 13. At university I never____my assignments in late. A. hand B.handed C.has handed 14. When a company needs to____new people, it may advertise the job in anewspaper or on a website. A. employ B.retain C.use 15. Then people, _ _ are interested, can apply for the job. A. who B. they C. those 16. There wasin the meeting room as the general manager predicted thecompany' s sales target. A. silence B. silent C. silently 17. The ten-day display an



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