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    精品文档,助力人生,欢迎关注小编! 英语教学法试卷 黄冈师范ub8优游平台注册 20XX-20XX学年度 the listening task. 9.(15) ________ means reading quickly to get the gist; (16) __________ means to read to locate specific information. 10.A (17) ________ (18) _______ is the way to transfer information from one form to another. 11.The main procedures of proce writing include creating a motivation to write, brainstorming, mapping, free writing, (19) __________, drafting, editing, revising, (20) _________ and conferencing. II.Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).(10%, 1’×10=10’) ( ) 1.The development of profeional competence for a language teacher involves language training, learning, practice and reflection. ( ) 2.Making errors will lead to bad habit formation, so we should correct them whenever they occur. ( ) 3.Students have to grasp the relationships between communicative functions and sentences structures so as to communicate properly in real life. ( ) 4.Any tasks for practising speaking should reflect the special characteristics of spoken language. ( ) 5.If you first identify the topic, purpose and structure of the text and then make guees, predictions during reading, you are using the “bottom-up” approach. ( ) 6.When students are given the structure in an authentic or near authentic context and are asked to work out the rule for themselves, the teacher is using deductive grammar teaching method. ( ) 7.Words must be taught and learned most effectively in groups which are related to each other in meaning. ( ) 8.The new curriculum is designed to promote the students’ overall language ability, which is composed of language skills and language knowledge. ( ) 9.Stre in pronunciation is sometimes as important as grammar. ( ) 10.There are many situations in which we use more than one language skills, so it is valuable to integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing.A卷 III.Choose the best answer (10%, 1’×10=10’) 1.Wh



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